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C. 2003 By: John Egidio Smothergill

I Cordinella came walking into the halls of Monolith Corporation. She tagged the up button on the elevator labeled 'Loft,' where she had a lunch meeting at twelve sharp with the CEO of the company. Thoughts of what she was going to say were swimming through her head. She had prepared the resume for a secretarial position in Corporate Campaigning Affairs. She stepped lightly into the elevator and the quiet, recently inspected room took her to the appropriate floor, and opened its doors again where she stepped off. Cordinella looked around. There were flags toward each semicircular counter that served black wines. She was told over the phone to meet the host of the Sanguine Room at the front counter and be directed to a table. The man had a tuxedo and black back belt on that could be seen only as he turned just so. She waited undisturbed for about ten minutes after arriving on time. The water didn't appeal for a taste. Although she thought that she'd be waiting for a longer time, the CEO arrived abruptly. He was a tall Caucasian man with light blonde hair and blue eyes. His shoulders were wide and he was a heavy looking man because of it. He needed to bend slightly at doors; that meant that he was over six feet eight inches tall, thought Cordinella. She had learned that statistic at The Gemote Installation in Algona, Washington where she took a higher education class and pulled 4 point GPA. The CEO sat down and said; "Table 10, you must be Cordinella." His speech was powerful. Her tanned forehead leaned up and her blonde hair settled. She had powdered before the meeting so she felt comfortable; her young shape still confident. She had brown eyes and they were filled with cheerful desire. "Yes that's me," she said with a light whispering talk that brought the conversation to an opening. " My name is Hamilton Darrow." They checked their positions in their seats and continued. "I see that you are good in art, a service that Monolith may need in Corporate Campaigning." Cordinella was excited but unaware. " Can you leave town on 'an hour or twos' notice?" - "Yes," said Cordinella mysteriously. " Good, you're needed in Washington DC; Can you start right away?" - "I'm on my way," said Cordinella. Hamilton gave Cordinella a folder, shook hands with her and left the table hurriedly. Cordinella looked at the contents of the folder. She would be working in the White House in Corporate Campaigning for Monolith Corporation. Her airplane ticket was for four o'clock and there was ten thousand cash. The instructions said that credit cards in her name would come later. II Cordinella wrote down a few things that she would need for the trip in the cab on the way home. She arrived just in time for the mailman to deliver in the entryway at her apartment building. He was a medium built man with brown hair and a mustache. She greeted him, "Hello Perry." - "Hi Cordinella," he countered. "I will be away for a while and my mail can be sent to Sixteenth Street in Washington DC." - "That’s quite a distance from Tacoma,: Is it for business or pleasure?" - "Both I hope," replied Cordinella. It took about forty-five minutes to pack and freshen up, then off to the airport she drove with her car. She used the car for long trips. Sea-Tac airport's parking garage was almost full, but she found a parking space in the full sized car lot. Cordinella pulled in at three-thirty. She pulled her luggage along to the terminal and presented the ticket to the attendant who winked at her and pointed toward the gate with a gold cufflink on his shirt. The plane was held for ten minutes due to loading, giving Cordinella some time to catch up on a little reading, then the airplane took off with a great thrust. Cordinella was hopeful that things would change for her now. The last time that she had a corporate position it was selling films in plastic slide view keychains to couples at resorts. The processing was okay., but the actual sale was too much legwork and nit-picking. This time she wanted to read and at least type a little. There's respect for herself, she thought. The first class seats were comfortable, she basked. Regan National Airport was the destination that was reached in Washington DC about eight hours away. The instructions on the report read to report to the Holiday Inn to find the guests Randy and Kayla Canton who were vacationing for a promotion at the space exploration exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. They would have the key to her apartment and a cellular telephone to help Cordinella get started in Corporate Campaigning for Monolith Corporation. She knocked on their door. Kayla opened it. She was dressed in a long dress , much like Cordinella was. She explained that Randy had the 2017 ICEEE satellite exhibit to unveil. Kayla was a nice sounding person who had high praises for Monolith Corporation. She said that to her, her pencil was a monolith that had helped land her and Randy in the monolith town of the Washington Memorial. When Randy returned the ladies were eager to get to Cordinella's new apartment. Cordinella had filled out some paperwork with Kayla about her credit card acceptance. It was late afternoon and the North part of Washington DC was getting artificially lit. The three rode slowly to Sixteenth Street just behind the White House. The Cantons gave Cordinella another instruction packet when they were about to leave the luxurious apartment, and bid her good-bye. She went to the window and saw Randy and Kayla walking from the building. Just then her cellular phone rang. "This is Steven Mantle; I would like to meet you, but not today - you need rest. Call me tomorrow at 235-0505 and I'll take you to lunch and discuss Corporate Campaigning's going ons." - "Okay Steven I'll talk to you then." said Cordinella. After she ate Cordinella settled into her new room thinking that it only needed a little touching up in decor. III Waiting for someone is troublesome for the prompt, that is what Cordinella had learned in the Presidents Club at The Gemote Installation. She had an intonation that the laggard should be stretched out on a wince. She waited longer than any girl she knew for anything that she wanted or even didn't want. Finally Steven Mantle arrived. The setting was chosen by him in an earlier telephone call. A small diner downtown fifties style. It was hard to believe that the fifties restaurants had survived the death of the cold war. There wasn't much opportunity for that anywhere in the fifty-one states since the State of Nice had been added in the 2012-2013 vote on the presidential questionnaire. Steven was dark browed with light hair, something that Cordinella decided she liked. He had on Concord pants and an Arrow shirt with a red, white, and blue tie, fitting for the interview. "Hello-you're the only girl here," he said. "Hello," she said. He sat down. "Cordinella," he started; "Today investment isn't investment anymore. It's sales and selling taxes that's the only way to make real money. That's what Corporate Campaigning Affairs at Monolith is about financially speaking. You are here to take a look at the artistic view of our office. That means creative charts. Does this interest you at all?" She thought of meadows and flowers next to nefarious bums that go to Carry Nation Foundation's twelve step programs. "Yes I have all of the credentials to do that, but I need to see the inner workings of the company's Corporate Campaigning affairs office to do that," Cordinella interjected. "Okay," Steven said, "We'll send you the review in the morning." They broke the meeting and Cordinella went back to her apartment at Washington Gardens. Getting a car is what Cordinella really wanted now, and these credit cards were for fifty thousand dollars each. She wanted a Vim; they're so nice and sleek with that curvy older designed body. This is strictly a primo brown paint job, and a leather interior, thought Cordinella. "Cordinella Goldstein," said the salesman. "Yes," said Cordinella. "Here is your credit card, drive carefully." She drove passed the City Hall where Mayor Herd was probably working hard to control the tax package that he was selling, that she would soon be working to illustrate for Monolith. IV The Puzzleman on the Streetcorner was the name of the play at the Radiosonde theater. Something about it sounded good, thought Cordinella. Once in a while she thought something sounded good, thought Cordinella again. "Okay I'll check it out," she said aloud. The theater was not crowded. She drew some popcorn and a soda from the refreshments stand, got a ticket and entered the dark theater. It was chilly there; like some ice sled racing coolness. She sat down just as the curtain opened. "Where can your favorite puzzles be found, from the Puzzleman on the Streetcorner of course," said the microphone from above. A fortuneteller bought puzzles from him to solve her own problems. The sanitarium bought puzzles from him to solve their patients problems. But the little boys and girls were the most important to him. Not a bad play, thought Cordinella, but time to get home. V The excitement of the Vim had worn off a bit. Cordinella turned on the radio with satellite relay stations and tuned in the news. Storm coming in, ‘ oh no’, she thought what about those nice curtains. She was a block from home and her memory wasn’t that bad. As she passed by the back door of the patio, she noticed a strange splashing in the pool. She opened the door and heard "Help!" Cordinella jumped in and kicked the girl to the low side of the pool. " Thank you,; you saved my life," said the girl "What were you doing with the storm watch and no lifeguard on duty?" Cordinella felt a chill. "I really just got in too deep," said the girl. "What is your name and where do you live," asked Cordinella? "Lane Fairchild, A2," she said with a slight smile. Well let’s go make sure that this doesn’t happen again;" said Cordinella relieved. Cordinella and the girl went down the hallway to apartment A2. When they got there; Cordinella spoke to Lane’s Mother. "You really need to get some floats," she said as she explained the accident. "Lane was close to a drown child." Lane’s mother was apologetic and said that something would be done. Afterward Cordinella returned to her apartment two doors away at A4 closed some windows and slept. VI Finding parking near the White House was difficult for Cordinella. Today the parties would be working on the expanded notation of the State of Nice at the Universal Summit. Cordinella joined a group of Monolith underwriters in the middle of the auditorium. Steve, Randy, and Kayla were there. Randy wondered if he would get a word in edgewise about the ICEEE satellite’s comet study. Cordinella noticed a man giving out pens; so she went over to talk to him. "Hello, would you like a pen for Peace Random," he asked? "Sure," said Cordinella. " Would you sign a petition with your name and phone number to be asked to a group?- My name and number is at the top there.." said the man. Carl Hardy 758-2283; okay- you can call. Cordinella signed the petition against war in third world countries and returned to the Monolith group that was sitting down. "Monolith has stock in the Universal Summit; we won’t let them go without questions," said Steve. The effects of a fifty-one star flag that was less desirable than a fifty star flag was on the minds of all of the textile manufacturers in attendance. Their stock had been plummeting since the election. People were walking around in old clothes, not buying new ones at the stores because of the price hikes necessary to sustain the floundering market. But that wasn’t all. France had proclaimed that their Department of Nice in the south was already a state and that states are not to be repeated. Monolith Corporation agreed. Cordinella wasn’t sure what would happen after the vote had proved worthwhile. Just then Hamilton Darrow showed up. "Hello all; May I sit by you Cordinella?" He had asked ever so politely, and Cordinella was second in the row, where the only seat free was next to her. "Yes as a new face I would be honored," she said. The Emcee quieted the room. The first speaker was directed to the podium and began to speak with a definite tone. " The paper work for the State of Nice is not correct," he bellowed. We found that there is an embarrassing mistake on fees and have chosen to reject statehood!" "Oh!," moaned the audience. Cordinella couldn’t believe that her side had won. There might have been a war with France. Hamilton Darrow rose and spoke; "How about a nice dollar?" Hyde Park town criers would be jealous. "Woo;" the audience sang. The Mcee announced another speaker. he started off with the Description of Preferred and Common Shares of Order of State of Nice. Reading slowly he said, "Description of Preferred and Common Shares of Order of State of Nice. there are two kinds of each class of common and preferred shares of Order of State of Nice. The Cordinella 2030 Bondstock is the preferred share, of bond class, of Order of State of Nice, and is to be sold at financial institutions and on the stock markets, as a thirty year security bond. The Cordinella 2030 Bondstock is white outlined in green bondstock, card quality paper, with a picture of Rembrandt van Rijn’s painting ‘A Girl With A Broom’ on it. These bonds are sold for $5,000.00 and yield $10,000 after thirty years, decreasing to twelve years until the year 2018. Each bond is numbered in a series from 1 to 198,198,198. these bonds back the Cordinella coin procurement in the year 2018. The speaker went on to describe the nice dollar and the capitol building at Opportunity construction funding from the Nice Opportunity Stock, voting rights and such. Cordinella was then called toward the stage in a great surprise. "Will the young lady Cordinella Goldstein who works for Monolith Corporation please come to the stage." Cordinella was let out into the isle from Hamilton amongst the cheers. She approached the stage with her heart pounding. The Emcee said "Cordinella, you have been chosen as the White House Correspondent to the nice dollar." Cordinella had already sat down, but at that time was motioned to the podium. She was a steady speaker during the entire speech; a trait from The Gemote Installation Legislative Camp. She spoke confidently; " Thank you for this great honor, I will serve you to the best of my ability." There were several more words about the new found White House staffing and the meeting was brought to a close. As Cordinella drove home she thought of how her day went. She was overjoyed with her success. VII Cordinella climbed the stairway to the Library of Congress. She was there for more information on the State of Franklin which had been rejected also in the late 1800’s. The idea that Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution was used so often and had twice now been unsuccessful interested her greatly. Cordinella checked the history isle for Benjamin Harrison letters which also interested her. She found a letter from September 11, 1888 that was about his republican nomination to the presidency. She wanted to put the face of Benjamin Harrison on the nice dollar. He was also not reelected though thought Cordinella, probably because of quitting the position of court reporter for the Supreme Court, giving it to a Democrat by default. All the better thought Cordinella. The September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centers would be better remembered also. Cordinella checked out of the library feeling pretty good, but not accomplished, yet she needed rest from it. Perhaps a vacation at the company cabin. After a restless night at her apartment; Cordinella decided that the vacation was the thing to do. She called Randy and Kayla for directions. Kayla asked Cordinella several questions when she called. "Cordinella, I also have an atlas here for you that you can pick up on your way," said Kayla. Cordinella stopped at Randy and Kayla’s for the map on the way to the cabin. Randy cheered her on, "I hope that you have a good time." Cordinella thought that he was quite nice; "I will," she said. The drive was relaxing. When she arrived she unloaded the luggage and went inside. The evening air was lovely. So fresh. Cordinella made some salad and microwaved a fish entree. After dinner she started a fire in the fireplace and sat down with the atlas to read. I didn’t know there was an Honor, Michigan thought Cordinella. She was so flustered with how much work that she had ahead of her contacting the Treasurer of the United States for signatures that she didn’t realize it when it came to her, "I should change the name of Chesapeake Bay to Honor Bay, " she said aloud. Cordinella decided to return to Tacoma for a holiday feast with her father. She thought she should use a DNA Transportor for the epicenics, that way she could become pregnant right away when she returned. She thought of the process of finding the father through an agency and had accepted it. The birds sounded so pretty. Just then she saw an opossum that turned over and played dead. Then she thought to back out of the experimental DNA Transportor and fly instead. She could go back to the main office of Monolith for her training, and then back to Washington DC. VIII The flight to return home was cool for the most part. There was snow everywhere during the holiday season at Washington DC, and rain in Tacoma. She brought her CDCamcorder with her to CD movie the visit. Her father was young looking for his age. He and her mother who had divorced were four years apart, he the younger, had her at his thirty four. Her father was streached out on the sofa when she saw him. His face was smiling like an elf. She walked across the room and kissed him. "Hello Daddy," she said. "How have you been," he laughed. "Good, I've been working," she sat with a pretty face on. "I'm due for a meeting in a couple of hours, so I have to exchange presents, have dinner and run." she said unhappily. "Here's yours," she handed it over to him on the coffee table. "Thanks," he said cheerily. He opened it carefully, saving the paper. "we are still on Social Security,". He spoke of his second wife. "Hold on and let me CD movie this," Cordinella brightened up. " Oh a wallet, thank you Cordinella," her father jumped up and kissed her on the forehead. " Now yours," he passed it to her while she flapped her hands excitedly. "She opened it with the shape still holding on the wrap. "Golden Heart Carmist, thank you Daddy." They ate a savoring dinner and Cordinella left for the night meeting. When Cordinella arrived at the meeting she didn't expect it but Peace Random was there. " Carl Hardy; How are you?" Cordinella had arrived at the conclusion that he was following her. " My goodness I'm doing great, How are you Cordinella?" He questioned her with the slightest knowledge that he'd be meeting her. "Okay; I still have your pen," she said precariously. " Well don't fret if you lose it, there's plenty more for everyone, and you too," Carl said with a whispering 'and you too'. Cordinella sat down as the meeting started. She was excited to hear the news from Hamilton. Hamilton towered over the podium. He was about to speak when the Manservant called for dinner. Before everyone could dig-in, Hamilton said something. "It has come to my attention that we are in the Age of Nomology, and that these political attends are substantial. With no cruelness we continue our journey into the gooden universe, and our consciences are settled. For our food we are thankful and the Lord is our Savior." The crowd politely clapped, and the Christmas Dinner began. " Thank you anyway," Cordinella said as the food was passed around the table. She was full of turkey and potatoes from her father's place. The feasts were fun, but Cordinella wasn't a wild enough girl to stay for the drinks. She drove her small car to her apartment where she slept. IX The next morning Perry dropped off the mail. "Hello Perry," Cordinella beamed. "Hi, How's Washington DC?" He was shoving the mail into the boxes. " Very nice, it's just wonderful to have two places; But I'm getting a house," she said with a surprise. "That's better than spending your money elsewhere," said Perry; "Bye". The ride back to Washington DC seemed longer than on the way. This time Cordinella would be seeing Randy and Kayla Canton off to France. Cordinella put the Golden Heart Carmist that her father gave her into her Vim. New medicines had given longivity a boost to about 130 years; she hoped that he could live that long. Next to keep her Monolith Corporation employ satisfied, Cordinella made an appointment with the President and Republican Majority Leader of the Senate in the East Room of the White House. She was very poised and used her business sense to get around the new grade that she had acquired. Something had made her sad. She was about to overdo the whole thing. She took out her portfolio and sighed, " First of all, I want to thank you for seeing me in the place in the White House that I selected. These are the artworks for the nice dollar. As you see the face is Benjamin Harrison, like the portrait above the right door. I hope that you will like my first, second, and last benefit to the position that I hold with the White House. Please change the name of Chesepeake Bay to Honor Bay, and please accept my Capital Notice herewith that states that I accept the likeness of myself on a Cordinella bill and at the same time informs you of my resignation to the White House and I will of course give a facsimile of the report to Monolith Corporation". President Solomon was beside himself with the conjecture; but he thought it quite a notion. Senator Faulkner and the president laughed and said "Oh"! After the meeting Cordinella went to her apartment and packed. It would be so nice to get back to Tacoma again. And after all, 'That was that'. One straight thought that was good for it all. Now how about that house, thought Cordinella.



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UBI:602725093     Business ID:001     Location ID:0001
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LAKEWOOD, WA, 98499-1020
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7310 150TH ST SW APT 30
LAKEWOOD, WA, 98439-1024
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October 1, 2010Hi,-/0/ = .01 Base 2 and -/0/ = -1 Base 10. These  equations represent the basis of a matrix math that I do not understand the higher equations from which these base formulas are derived. Except for Base 2 that in ASCII Codes the decimal point is represented by the eight bit binary number ( seven digits and a space ) 010 1110 so if we add the 01 and a space it becomes 010 1110 01 Then  for Base 10, we have 010 1101 1, so the negative absolute value of 1-1 divided by 1-1 is not actually undefined it starts IP (Internet Provider) Addresses. These addresses are three digits, a decimal, then two digits and a decimal, then two digits usually. And that's the way the internet works because of solar power from solar electricity. The board feet of a small facility that these chips are made in would be fun for me.  Sincerely,John Egidio SmothergillChancellor University Student 


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My apologies but my schedule was more demanding than originally expected and therefore I was unable to take your calls today.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you in your enterprise.  My expertise and role with Pierce Transit (and with other organizations) is not such that benefit you in the pursuit of your goals. 
Best of luck to you.

De Hicks DM, MBA

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 23:49:54 -0700
Subject: Teleportation Facility in Seattle
DNA Glassing Incorporated
John Egidio Smothergill
7310 150th St SW Suite 30
Lakewood, WA 98439
Ph   1-253-984-1510
Fax  1-253-984-1510
Dordal and Associates Engineering
A. Helge Dordal
702 Broadway Suite 104
Tacoma, WA 98439
Ph   1-253-222-1026
Fax  1-253-627-3393
Stuart Consulting Group Incorporated (SCGI)
De Hicks
PO Box 3887
Silverdale, WA 98383
Ph   1-866-698-3524
Fax 1-360-698-0266
                                                       Thursday, April 12, 2007
With Kindness to De Hicks Strategic Positioning Counsel,
Please contact Mason Sherry Theatre Manager, The Paramount in Seattle for more information on the other side of the proposed teleportation facility for Tacoma's Pierce Transit Headquarters and Seattle at 1-206-467-5510 ext 1111, fax 1-206-832-1019. He was the museum host in Seattle for the Bodies Exhibition and has the other certified plans for the F28E Basic Building for Teleportation. I hope this is on time for your Thursday call. Thanks.
John Egidio Smothergill

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 John Egidio Smothergill (


Mon 5/05/08 7:41 PM





Dear Mrs Iselin, Hi My name is John Smothergill.


 I am an important name in Medical Test Laboratories in the United States. 
I would like for the International Iron and Steel Workers Union to build the 110,016 facilities proposed for the
                                    cities of America
 that are described at my website at  Please contact the owners of the land across from
 Pierce Transit's
                                    Headquarters on 96th street and South Tacoma Way in Tacoma Washington to ship the necessary steel members
 to build my facility where I can see it. Contact Triva Percival at 1-(253) 581-8066 or call
                                    Pierce Transit and talk to Sandy Buyers 
at 1-(253) 581-8000. If you would
                                    like a copy of the certified drawings, I will send them or you can ask these people for them.
 Thank you. Sincerely, John Egidio Smothergill New Fibrin DNA Glassing 


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