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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dear Mom,

Since Susan and I are so poor, and I would like to see the concert that Bernadette Conlon is having at Leavenworth on June 23, in the newly proclaimed State of Nice, I am enclosing a copied CD of her work, A Frosini Tribute Volume 2. The sixth track is Cordinella, my choice for a state song for the State of Nice, because Cordinella means nice dollar and I have given that middle name to my daughter Brittanny, your granddaughter. The song sounds to me like I am on a Carousel of Horses and someone is saying “you’re so nice”. Everybody around here loves it. I have been working hard to pass in my studies at Western Governors University. The other day I drafted another capital building for Spokane at Helge Dordal’s office. He has agreed to be acting Governor for the State of Nice. His son Eric, is from Spokane. I met him, his wife Christa, and their baby Elija two weeks ago. He has given word that he will do anything that he can to help his father help me with the State of Nice. I hope for your approval in a letter as soon as you can manage it. I am now going out with Carol Martin. We saw The DeVinchi Code the other day, a heiracy, her money. I helped her friend who has the same last name Marvin Martin, sell a computer, on Memorial Day. But Susan remains my true love. She has always been special to me, and I hope that you can meet her someday, as well as Brittanny. Carrie, your grandniece is doing well in school, almost all A’s, and rushes to help others. She got an award for that. I called on Mother’s Day and your birthday and left a message of my love on Ellen’s answering machine. I hope that this letter and CD bring you joy, when you get them. I will be sending another letter to keep in touch soon.




Sunday August 3, 2014

Dear Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Outdoor World,

It will be great to get back to some bass fishing while at Greater Lakes MHC. I have enclosed a Calvin Coolidge dollar coin in exchange for a two hook protector for a old Dardevle lure I bought at ebay for some local lakes fishing next year. George Russell may like to Sea Bass fish with you in the Puget Sound; his email is enclosed. There is also a Worlds Greatest Fisherman pin enclosed for you that I believe you’ve earned very nicely. Mary Chambers is in charge of Nice Foods as far as I know in the homestead behind Winco. My wife Susan and I have been to the Columbia Tower Club for an Amway Champaign Party when we were invited by Norman Disney of Federal Way and a relative of Walt Disney back around 1998. There is also a Gouverneur Morris Five Nice Dollar bill enclosed and a card from the Nice Clown job that I do on my free time too. My daughter’s name is Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill and the middle name spelled differently spells nice dollar. I spelled Outdoor World in 1969 using my name with a changed middle name to Underwood from a nearby road at Monroe Lake in Marshalls Creek Pennsylvania. There is some documentation on the rumor enclosed. I am interested in the State of Vancouver in Western Washington because of the book Adventure in Two Hemispheres by James Stirrit Marshall and Carrie Marshall. My daughter was renamed Carrie Carol Tucker and lives in White Horse Mountain near the Oso Landslide last February. The presiding judge was James Marshall. I insisted on the government contract because the first three numbers of my wife Susan Elaine Smothergill’s Social Security number is 238 and she claimed the box number there is 238 and the atomic weight of uranium is 238. The Ou Mountains in Japan did a similar thing years ago before I moved to Tacoma on June 30 1989. I spelled Our Mountains with my nephew Brandon Thomas Beaulieu’s name and moved here when he was going to be three on July 24. If you need anything that I can provide, you can find me anytime on the internet at congressionalpermit@hotmail.com or http://www.johnsmothergill.com/ . I met Donald James Glasser in April 1994 and we became friends about DNA Glassing, that also resulted in a visit to court where I got the Tacoma Glass Museum license shortly after the World Trade Centers attack on my 39th birthday. Susan is on a walker and we couldn’t come any closer to the construction that looks great on last Friday.

Thank You and Happy Sporting,

John Egidio (Underwood) Smothergill

Bass Angler From Pennsylvania

6932 South Mason

Tacoma WA 98409


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Empirical Formula Approach to the Examination of Glass Particle Forced Dispersement, as It Moves Through Oxygenated DNA, Coupled With a Two Chamber Process, that Transports the DNA at a Terahertz Frequency.

By John Egidio Smothergill

Whether or not we were ready for it; this process presented itself, close to this version, when Donald Arthur Glaser won the Noble Prize in Physics in 1960. The Wilson’s Cloud Chamber, a moist air dispersed beam defying energy constants was the predecessor of his theory leading to the Bubble Chamber. DNA Transportation sounds like two different things nowadays, rushing a bag of blood to the operating room for the patient in surgery, or zapping a person from a spaceship to a planet and back. This analysis is the latter in an analogous, but when implemented on small computing devices, proven state.

We will start with the abstract, an industrial process by which DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is exploded onto molten glass in the following steps. Ammonia is distilled and mixed with water, or salt water, in the absence of air. Then the ammonia is piped into a chamber in a gaseous state, in the absence of air. A slide of glass, or palladium glass, is prepared with a sample of DNA from a subject, and inserted adjacent to the ammonia chamber, a space for molten glass, and a semipermeable membrane, made from copper cyanoferrate, in between the ammonia chamber and the glass slide. A second chamber on the other side, and adjacent to the ammonia chamber, having a semipermeable membrane made from copper cyanoferrate, in between the ammonia chamber and itself, with and an expanded explosion suppression material, made from an expanded metal aluminum, and magnesium foil alloy, disclosed as Explosafe, inside the chamber, is designed into the process. A pipe for explosive material; such as diphenylxenon, and an igniting wire going to the Explosafe chamber; induces an explosion, after molten glass is released from a furnace, into a space between the glass slide, and the ammonia chamber. The explosive material is ignited in the Explosafe chamber; exploding the ammonia in the ammonia chamber through the semipermeable membrane; onto the molten glass and the glass slide of DNA, while the ammonia is maintained below it’s critical temperature, of 132.4 degrees Celsius; and ideally there is no air in the explosion, although an air line is fed from the other chamber location, and there may be some air needed in the Explosafe chamber. An electronic bridge is placed to time the explosion, and transfer of glass powders, that are fed to another chamber, made from jarosite, that transports DNA to the desired location from blower pumps to vacuum pumps. DNA piles are formed and analyzed for shape and structural integrity. The slides can be used in both chambers, and the semipermeable membranes may be cut away, or remain fixed to the glass slide, and be put into service to transport DNA, change production of protoplast in an aquatic environment, or criminology purposes.

The chemical reaction in the process is as follows:


Smothergill's Proof

Sunday January 26, 1997

Consider also the following sequences:

K+Xe-Si+K+Xe-Si-Cu-K-Xe+Si+Cu+Si-K+Si+Cu-Si-K-Si= -.0002


K+Xe+Si-Cu-Si+K-Si-Cu-Si+K+Si-K-Xe-K-Xe+Si+Cu+Si= .0002


K=Jarosite having the formula KFe3(SO4)2(OH)6 weighing 500.8086

Xe=Diphenylxenon formula Xe 2(C6H5OH) weighing 319.5268

Si=Ammonia Glass formula Si2NH3H2O weighing 91.2181

Cu=Copper Cyanoferrate formula Cu3CNFe weighing 272.4997


The calculations for the molecular weights are based on the following atomic weights:

K 39.10

Fe 55.847

S 32.064

O 15.9994

H 1.008

Xe 131.30

C 12.011

N 14.0067

Cu 63.545

Si 28.086


KFe3(SO4)2(OH6 - Xe 2(C6H5OH) + Si2NH3H2O = Cu3CNFe

500.8086 - 319.5268 + 91.2181 = 272.4999

Such that:

Cu3CNFe = 272.4997 and the difference of -.0002 can be reduced to zero using 36 sequences shown equally divided above.


K+Xe+Si-Cu-Si+k-Si-Cu+Si= 593.7084


K+Xe-Si+K+Xe-Si-Cu-K-Xe+Si+Cu+Si-K+Si+Cu-Si-K-Si+K+Si-K-Xe-K-Xe+Si+Cu+Si= -593.7084



The process diagram is as follows:


Si2NH3H20 Cu3CNFe @ 132.4 degrees Celsius is the semipermeable membrane and ammonia glass reaction. The molecular weights of the formulas are: 91.2181 for the ammonia glass, 272.4997 for the copper cyanoferrate semipermeable membrane, manufactured from bornite Cu5FeS4. These formulas represent a plate, which within the inner glass blood samples are dispersed in tiny follicles much like a mist.

The total weight of the formula minus the molecular weight of the DNA, which is 572.3904, is obtained by adding the weights of the ammonia glass and the copper cyanoferrate, 91.2181 + 272.4997 = 363.7178. The slide will float on melissic or cerotic acids two carboxylic acids that are wax compounds. The formulas and the weights for these compounds are:


C25H51COOH @ 396.41 for cerotic acid,


C29H59COOH @ 452.47 for melissic acid.


All of this may be submerged in carbonic acid HO==COOH, having a formula weight of 46.0258.

The dispersion of DNA is between 9990999 and 10009009 corpuscles per cubic inch as compared to 82,000,000,000 corpuscles, usually counted per cubic inch of DNA - a magnification of 8192.6 times normal dispersion. The sample is detectable within 8207.4 times normal dispersion. It should be noted here, that the weight of the ammonia glass is close to that of zirconium at 91.22.

A molecule that weighs about the same as both carbonic acid, and ethyl alcohol, but falls somewhere there between, is methylhelialdehyde CHeHCHO, which can also be written CH2OCHe, and becomes formalheliocarbon. Saturating graphite carbon in liquid helium, and formaldehyde makes the new chemical. This chemical finds uses in charcoal filters and X –Ray photography research. The important point here is; that the charcoal filters may be used in the vacuum pumps, in the DNA Glassing process. The weight of the formula for the formalheliocarbon is 46.0423. The diagram for the chemical is:

A mass spectra proves a helpful tool here also; this will determine the molecular formula of the products, of the DNA Glassing process.

The Zirconium is a good catalyst in the alloy, from which the vacuum pumps are made. The alloy is used widely in cooling systems in nuclear reactors, and is 98% zirconium, 1.5% tin, 0 .35% iron-chromium-nickel, and 0.15% oxygen.

If the process is dimensioned, and each of the delivery chemicals is analyzed for combustion, the information for proper quenching, would look much like this: The dimensions of each of the ammonia chambers are 12 feet by 16 feet by 8 feet, a product of 1536 cubic feet each. This product multiplied by the constant for pounds of ammonia per cubic foot is: 1536 X .0456= 70.0416 pounds of ammonia per minute, divided by 60 seconds per minute; equals 1.16736 pounds per second. Experimental durations of the process vary, so it has not been determined how much of the delivery chemicals are needed daily, but a process this size may go through as much as 168.09984 pounds of ammonia, in a twenty four hour day, if each threshold moment is an interval of two seconds, and each slide were taken twenty minutes apart. For the explosive delivery chemical; the same calculations for cubic feet of chamber area would apply, and the constant for diphenylxenon, for example in pounds per cubic foot per minute, is 1536 X .0803 = 123.3408, divided by 60 seconds; equals 2.05568 pounds per second. For a period of twenty four hours operation, with two second explosion thresholds, and each slide taken twenty minutes apart; equals 296.01792 pounds of diphenylxenon per day, if the diphenylxenon constant is the same as that of ethane. Diphenylxenon may be obtained from seawater, at a quantity of 900 pounds per cubic mile. If the diphenylxenon constant of pounds per cubic foot per second, is the same as ethane, then we will run out of it very quickly on Earth, if the process is widely used, therefore it may be better to use ethane; a much more quantitative chemical on Earth. Here’s why:

The four correct formulas and weights for Adenosine, Guanosine, Cytidine and Thymidine are:

Adenosine H7N5CO4 153.099,

Guanosine H8N5CO5 170.1055,

Cytidine H7N3CO5 141.0841,

Thymidine H8N2C2O5 140.0976.

The Cytidine, and the Guanosine combined: 141.0841 + 170.1055 = 311.1896, minus the Guanosine and the Thymidine: 170.1055 + 140.0976 = 310.2031, equals 311.1896 – 310.2031 = .9865.

The Cytidine plus the Adenosine: 141.0841 + 153.099 = 294.1831, minus the Adenosine and the Thymidine: 153.099 + 140.0976 = 293.1966, equals 294.1831 – 293.1966 = .9865.

The Cytidine minus the Thymidine equal: 141.0841 – 140.0976 = .9865.

The same calculations based on the oxygen deficient DNA chemicals which used 15.9997 for the weight of oxygen equal Cytidine and Guanosine 141.0856 + 170.107 = 311.1926 Guanosine and Thymidine 170.107 + 124.0982 =294.2052 equals 311.1926 – 294.2052 = 16.9874.

The Cytidine and the Adenosine: 141.0856 +137.0996 = 278.1852; the Adenosine and the Thymidine: 137.0996 + 124.0982 = 261.1978, the result is: 278.1852 – 261.1978 = 16.9874.

The Cytidine minus the Thymidine 141.0856 – 124.0982 = 16.9874.

Let’s take a look at the oxygen deficient DNA:

Adenosine H7N5CO3 137.0987

Guanosine H8N5CO3 138.1082

Cytidine H7N3CO5 141.0841

Thymidine H8N2C2O4 124.0977

The Cytidine and the Guanosine: 141.0841 + 138.1082 = 279.1923,

The Guanosine and the Thymidine: 138.1082 + 124.097 = 262.2052.

Resulting in: 279. 1923 – 262.2052 = 16.9871.

The Cytidine and the Adenosine: 141.0841 + 137.0987 = 278.1828,

The Adenosine and the Thymidine:137.0987 + 124.097 = 261.1957.

The result for this: 279.1923 – 261.1957 = 16.9871.

Finally if the Guanosine oxygen deficiency is increased, decreasing the formula weight to 122.1088, and the formula for Guanosine to H8N5CO2, the analysis looks like this:

The Cytidine and the Guanosine: 141.0841 + 122.1088 = 263.1923,

The Guanosine and the Thymidine: 122.1088 + 124.097 = 246.2058.

The final sum: 263.1831 – 246.2058 = 16.9865

Subtracting some of the previous results obtains 16.9865 - .9865 = 16

Because oxygen is 15.9994 grams per cubic foot in weight, in the final analysis; the final analysis is oxygen deficient DNA. The second to last is old DNA.


The equation looks something like this:

137.0996 + 153.099 = 290.1986,

153.099 + 137.0987 = 290.1977


- 290.1977


.0009 g/ ft^3

The sample should weigh at least as much as the correct weight for DNA 604.3862, times the cubic grams per foot of: 16 – 15.9994 =.0006 (an acceptable Standard International unit for oxygen is 16.)

The Cytidine difference for an increase in oxygen of: .0003 g/ft^3 is .0014 / .0035 = .4 repeating. When Thymidine is reduced in the second half of the analysis, and Guanosine in the first, subtracting = 16.

The overall analysis of the anomaly, of oxygen used in the DNA Glassing process, may be represented by the formula, using the d orbital of oxygen molecules of the general formulas O2, and O3, having weights of 31.9988 and 47.9982; based on the theory of hydrogen efficiency in the ethane, and the formalheliocarbon. The oxygen deficiency is partially caused by the 100% combustion, of the mixture of ethane and diphenylxenon, where the oxide from the aluminum, in the Explosafe chamber is O3, and the index of hydrogen deficiency is H2, or 1. Any hydrocarbon represented by R, can be factored in the ammonia, carbonic acid, and water (Note that nitrogen dilutes air). Using the physical integral: d sub O1 –O2, may identify complete formulas. The centroid of mass or center of gravity (x,y,z repeating in each case) where m is the centroid of mass is:

S xdm S ydm S zdm

x repeating = ________ y repeating = ________ z repeating = _______

S dm , S dm , S dm

(while x,y,z are the centers of gravity in the element dm and d represents the derivative.)


Transformed pneumococci is said to partially regenerate, in about 60 days; after all of the pneumococci is killed, in extremely high temperatures, based on the research done by Frederick Griffith. Insects grow in a white hotted open retort after 160 days, and in the same experiment using prussate of potash, a very poisonous salt, and with no air allowed to enter, insects also grew in the closed vessel, in two years time, according to the research done by W.H. Weeks in his treatise; Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.

The Propyl group chemicals, that the DNA Glassing process may sometimes produce, weigh 43.089, which are close to that of; ethyl alcohol, carbonic acid, and methylhelialdehyde, used in the process.

In the Handbook of Chemistry (1946 Lange, page 1167 #70) Equations and Equivalents for Volumetric Analysis, the titrations of the formulary is this:

2Cu(NH3)4SO4+NH4OH = CuSO4 x CuOH2+(NH4)2SO4

CuSO4 x Cu(OH)2 +6NH3+(NH4)2SO4=2Cu(NH3)4SO4 x H2O

2CuO(NH3)4SO4 x H2O+7KCN=K3NH4Cu2(CN)6+NH4CNO+


KCN Cu CuSO4 Cu(NH3)4SO4 x H2O

_____ = ___ = ______ = __________________

2 7 7 7

For the vacuum pumps and blowers:




Oxalate Acid is an exhaust that the Formalheliocarbon catches.

Piping in ammonia in cities for the DNA Glassing process is likely. Semipermeable membranes have two uses in the DNA Glassing process; separation of helium from underground gas, and recycling unreacted hydrogen, from the ammonia, and DNA reaction.



Programs in GW Basic monitor all these processes. A look at the programming, for the timer, for the slides shows:


20 60*60*24/2 EQUALS TIMER



50 GOTO 10

60 RUN

This sends an integer, of the slide, to DNA transfer pattern, through the semipermeable membrane, as simple as possible, to the powdered glass transporters. The amount of power to run the DNA Glassing process is in terahertz. For a process this size, at least 200 terahertz is needed.


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