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The Best Way to Deal with Poverty in the United States

By John Egidio Smothergill

    The United States has had the ability to institute the Cordinella and the nice dollar since Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill was born in the year 1997. Her middle name Cordinella spelled differently spells nice dollar. In a report numerating dollars and cents using the letters in Brittanny’s name, 362 trillion of them could be spelled when added together. Since the divorce due to the loss of the child in an unwanted adoption, the courts awarded the Cordinella and the nice dollar unlimitedly to the US and rehearsal of these currencies to the other countries of the world if it is so desired.

    The nice dollar is a business problem solver overall. Sometimes it is good to be nice about business transactions and it wouldn’t be all that wrong for nice dollars and Cordinellas to get mixed up with other currencies worldwide. The ideas of the Cordinella and nice dollar solve poverty in the United States because people would be more inclined to spend Cordinellas and nice dollars with a smile, also giving more to poverty stricken countries because there is more of the currencies to go around. The benevolent people that carry these types of currencies may also buy more supplies for poverty stricken individuals in the United States, solving United States poverty. It seems that the Cordinella and nice dollar is the solution to more than just United States poverty, but the world must first decide if this opinion is correct.

    Nice dollars and Cordinellas are easy to get to impoverished people’s wallets through government programs. If people gave these new currencies a chance by printing some of them, they would be able to see the potential of the idea. Military leaders do not always see clearly why there is a need to use a monetary system using Cordinellas and nice dollars. The possibility of war is always a bad thing. The solution of the nice dollar and Cordinella must be considered to turn the United States from its buildup of weapons and concentrate on getting food and shelter to the impoverished.

    The economic indicators of each of the world’s currencies based on their products should be the next step toward the conclusion of instituting the Cordinella and nice dollar. Incorporation of all the specific needs to fulfill the perspective of a close solution can be worked in. Census of the size of the problem is sought. Setting properties of a solution with timely answers to be used when they are to be addressed is an important part of the work to be done to institute the Cordinella and nice dollar. There may be some limitations to the carefully brought solutions and these should be noted.

    Poverty is out of control, even in the United States. None of the programs have relieved the recession that our United States Treasurer Henry Paulson has tried to remedy. Natural disasters have hampered the success of attempts to get homelessness under control. At a rate of 14.48 trillion nice dollars and Cordinellas a year, the pressures of poverty that United States families feel can be alleviated, with the world supplying the resources.

    The problem of poverty is it’s current economic restraints on the people that draw benefits for their daily needs and how much is possible for the government to deliver to the poor people. The working of this problem has found the government in need of changing to a $724 trillion Cordinella and nice dollar bond for a period of fifty years. The Cordinella and the nice dollar can bring relief to poverty in the United States. Leading economic indicators that demand money is less than the growth of the dollar, nice dollar and Cordinella. That figure is much more than needed when divided into fifty years at a rate of $724 trillion dollars nice for a population of 296 million people is $48,918.90 per year per person in the United States.

    Transients need transportation to new homes that they like because they have the money to pay for them and they are built with conveniences that no street person could refuse. The money must be regulated through the banks and taxed upon receipt of entitlement. Printing materials for that much money must be retrieved. Bank hours must be lengthened to 24 hours in some cases to accommodate for the extra money used in everyday living. Some restructuring of interest rules to rehearse the new mediums of exchange to other pockets quicker due to inflationary measures that generate profits for stores must be implemented.

    The general belief is that anybody in the United States that has less than $75,000.00 in assets is poor. According to Welfare standards for medical coverage it’s $27,500.00. This problem raises the question of averages and force of sale. There is so much Cordinella and nice dollar money that if it is only made available to the people that are poor, in a description of spendable or savable income, the oppression can be stopped in just two years.

    The safety of the people that are eligible for Cordinellas and nice dollars is the most important issue to consider. Overspending of resources must not happen unless positive changes in the country’s natural output is anticipated to occur. The authenticity of Cordinellas and nice dollars should be as easy to tell as other money. Nice dollars get the words in their name from the definitions for nice, or - correct, and dollar: any of various basic monetary units. Nice is just an extra word to say when making your purchase and easily forgotten, but polite; worth saying to relate satisfaction. Grassroots monetary schemes have been known to work. A large overview of using a nice dollar and Cordinella gives life to the belief that poverty in the United States can be solved with both of them.

    Families can live healthier on nice dollars and Cordinellas because of the income status driving doctor bills down. The new system will allow homes to be built faster therefore there will be a building boom. The education system will become more stable because people will want to learn how to make more nice dollars, Cordinellas and dollars since life has become so pleasant on these currencies. Communities can pay for their food with nice dollars and Cordinellas thinking more pleasant thoughts and therefore being more inclined to work harder producing higher yields. Governments pay for nice dollars with earnings from cheery international business because dollars nice said makes big corporations happier with sales boosting exports. A person can visit the bank at any time to make a deposit or get a loan; so that the social health of the spending environment of the nice dollar and Cordinella is more pleasant. In the Cordinella and nice dollar system, people of the United States can make $4,076.58 per month for 50 years; there is no excuse for restraints on the economy that this method now reveals.

    The nice dollar and Cordinella promotes self-esteem by making business transactions seem decent, but it sounds like too much to say, and so people may not like it. The United States’ poverty problem is not beyond the saving power of the Cordinella and the nice dollar because people will prosper from cheery business. With Cordinellas and nice dollars in people’s wallets, there will be many more smiles on the streets. Poverty stricken people need niceness in their lives to make them better from the mental fatigue that they face. The nice dollar and the Cordinella are something to look forward to at the beginning of each month. Work for productivity requires a good medium of exchange and a little luck with resources.

     According to the press briefing at http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/income/income04/prs05asc.html, in the March Supplement for 2005 the US Department of Labor and Industries reported 113 Million households in poverty in the year 2004. 90 Million of those households were under the age of 65. The average age of the impoverished was 49 and the median household income in the year 2004 was $44,000.00. According to “Vital Statistics” c. 2005 at Wilson Select Plus Database http://newfirstsearch.oclc.org, key economic indicators and interest rates change in Payroll Employment in September 2004 was $130,000.00. The 30 year fixed mortgage rate was 5.69%. After hurricane Katrina it was -$35,000.00 and the 30 year fixed mortgage rate was 5.79%. This means that more money is necessary in the wallets of the poor and displaced. It also means that more homes are needed from programs like Habitats for Humanity for people that no longer can live where they were when Hurricane Katrina hit.

    The Benjamin Harrison nice dollar and Cordinella coin are my solutions to these problems. Also at the top of the list in solutions are international housing communities for people that would be employed much like the military organizations as special interest groups. There must be more planning for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPCI). More information can be found at http://newfirstsearch.oclc.org The Poverty of Economic Policy: Is Debt Sustainability Really Sustainable? C 2005.

    The drawback is that the military is getting smaller at this time, and with good reason. We don’t want to bully the rest of the world with military might, but we are unable to handle natural disasters in the government as it exists now. We need more people on call with busywork that doesn’t entail bullying. The thing about this is that we have recently been bullied by terrorists and want to get them back, but are taking the wrong approach because no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq where we went to war. If recent methods of dealing with terrorism continue, United States poverty may grow because of money spent on war related endeavors overseas with the government getting smaller. The tax cuts that the President has given to the people has been the cause of a souring 7 trillion dollar budget deficit that has to be paid down with more taxes from the pockets of Americans in the future government. People need more money to pay taxes. The US dollar does not suffice to pay all of the global debts that it has because it is stigmatized by a smaller government point of view.

    World Financers may have difficulty balancing gifts to impoverished nations with Gross Domestic Products of nations willing to give because of a decrease in positiveness from bad luck that may have befallen the richer nations like Hurricane Katrina hitting the United States.

     Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill and some others may not understand the idea of the Cordinella and nice dollar to solve United States poverty because of the fact that she was adopted out to another family and does not have the name that her father gave her anymore. Criminals may not like the idea either because they do bad things using as many harsh words as they can. Because banks would need more security being open 24 hours a day, some security individuals and bank employees may not like the extra work especially those who are religious and keep a Sabbath.

    The Cordinella and nice dollar seem like a viable solution to United States poverty. It is uncertain however that it will provide a solution to the desperate upswing that it has taken. The Budget Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 is not going to reduce the deficit; on the contrary it increases the deficit by $50 billion according to Senator Thomas Harkins (D. Iowa). With the Republicans controlling the money in the making, and the President giving tax breaks to the rich businesses, the poor cannot reach a point where they can overcome their oppression even with the nice dollar enacted. That is the reason why it was important to enact the Cordinella also. Unless both the Cordinella and the nice dollar are enacted to reverse the present mismanagement of the US dollar, the poor people may not be able to bounce back in the years nearing, and a larger recession is something that this presidency will face by its own hand. The nice dollar needs a healthy government to start into a successful presence, because it makes little difference to the conventional US dollar; this government hasn’t provided that during its years of reign. Now even Democratic leaders who build strong governments instead of businesses are faced with nearly irreversible tax cuts. The nice dollar and Cordinella hold hope for the US future, because peace and prosperity is in the future someday, and I believe that the idea will flourish at that time.

    Charles Nelson Assistant Division Chief, Housing and Household Economic Statistics believed that poverty increased from 12.5% to 12.7% from 2003-2004 an increase of 1.1 million people in the US at a total population of 37 Million affected.  He sites the Gini Index, a popular way of measuring money in play as unchanged. Kentucky and Missouri both had decreases in income and increases in poverty. Poverty is based on income in this case.

    Carmen De Navas-Walt, Bernadette D. Proctor and Cheryl Hill Lee, believe that poverty in the United States is also controlled by health insurance because of the report that they wrote Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance in the United States 2004 at http://www.census.gov/prod/2005pubs/p60-229.pdf.

    The US Census Bureau’s motto is: “Helping you make informed decisions.” They generally report statistics in as unbiased a manner as possible. Their assumptions are greatly based on statistics from reporting in the past. Their bias is that casting of a stereotypical race have been impacted tragically by poverty ratios in the past, and the index calculating basis has not changed, for example people living in the family and obtaining their income by means of the family verses monetary gain by unrelated employment. The belief here is that people that live within families that use different currencies will have less US currency to spend on family matters. The leading bias is that Hispanics are less wealthy than Whites. The weakness of the argument is that statistics showed that index as unchanged and Whites as increased in poverty in 2004. Another strength of this argument is that the statistics are of the utmost accuracy based on reports that these individuals at the US Census Bureau read and decipher daily. They are double checked for accuracy because just the two reports on the Gini Index and Health Insurance are cross indexed having some of the same statistics in each of them, and also they are two cross referenced reports from the same Bureau’s web site.

    The general belief by these people is that health insurance coverage increased by 900,000 people exceeding the impoverished of the 1.1 Million increase to a stigma of 2.0 Million according to page 23 of the .pdf report available at the http://www.census.gov homepage by link. The strength here is that figures don’t lie. The weakness is that coupons and spendowns are paying for the medical expenses proven here complicating the system of a medium of exchange with unforeseen percentages.

    Even as otherwise mentioned in this report, the Cordinella and nice dollar is the solution to US Poverty because of the definition of “nice” to be “correct.” A correct dollar that means to be well-bred is at least half the solution, and a Cordinella as well, as a way of conducting cheery business seen as being not all that wrong to get mixed up with currencies worldwide, seems like a good solution to US poverty, because the numbers seem right. This bias is that people would be inclined to give nice dollars and Cordinellas to other poverty stricken individuals and would feel that the gift was any of various monetary units that would help them and that is only a test of the concept would prove that it could solve the problem. With the deficit estimated to be on the increase, the nice dollar and Cordinella still seem to be a hope for the US future. The evidence quality is the more important story here.

    From the data: According to the March Supplement for 2005 from the US Department of Labor and Industries 113 Million US households were below the poverty level last year. The modern day American believes that the US is rich and that 113 Million households would be a stretch to estimate as the amount of US households to be in poverty. Most Americans are poor according to the people that write the data, these underwriters know that the data does not lie.

    The Cordinella and the nice dollar provide a solution to inflation costs due to world resource supply consumption and replenishment. The problem with this doubled idea due to the split generating more Cordinellas in 2003, is that Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill was only six years old at that time and no Cordinella coin or paper money with her picture or engraving on it was made at that time. As a matter of fact the coin is not supposed to be produced until 2018 when she is 21 years old. As it is now no nice dollar presentation paper was produced in 2005, however policy about nice dollar and Cordinella production can be remedied and I’m sure that the outcome will be good. If poverty were reversed for just the disabled at 90 Million households for 100 years; the estimated solution would be $80,444.40 per household per year. This would put the disabled at the front of the buying lines.

    Again with reference to the 113 Million households in the US below the poverty line, the strength here is that the data was affirmed by the Census Bureau. The weakness is that the people that wrote the data are not perfect and somehow may have made a miscalculation resulting in incorrect data.

    Cordinellas and nice dollars are the way to go for a system of buying and selling that enables the disabled as much buying power as the working individual. But the economic restraints evident in benefits from the government are too strict.  Now is the time to release the hold on the American people’s wallets and give them more freedom of commerce. If the resources in stores underscores the demand for items that can now be bought with the nice dollar and Cordinella, the stores will go bankrupt, because of the run on goods. There must be some additional supplies brought out from warehouse storages.

    Still the Cordinella and nice dollar do seem like a solution to cheerier business and with a little luck with weather for resources, these new forms of currency may be a good solution to US poverty.


    There is some new information though. The name Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill contains the words Eighty Centillion Dollars also and an eighty centillion is an eighty, with three hundred three zeros after it. That does solve poverty for a galaxy rather than just the United States. It seems grandiose but it does perpetuate the existence of the dollar, therefore insisting that these other trillions of dollars from the name are worthwhile.

       Brittanny was taken away from me in 1998 and given a new name as a niece, but I filled out an IRS form 8332 for an adoption name credit in 2008. The filing status for the name was perpetual.




John Egidio Smothergill Student 000054343 “Business and IT Management”(BITM)

902 Fawcett Avenue Apartment 23

Tacoma, WA 98402



(253) 984-1510


Western Governors University

President Robert Mendenhall

4001 South 700 East Suite 700

Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Toll Free: 877-435-7948 ext 3104

Fax: 801-880-9327 or 1-877-219-3461


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Dr Robert Mendenhall President of Western Governors University,

My dedication to WGU so far, reveals a student that has an earnest desire to obtain a degree from your accredited and most esteemed university that I have come to trust its mentors, graders, and financial arrangement correspondents. As a person with only several very important things to say, I have found this to say: Years ago I moved to Washington State from Pennsylvania with drawings of some Marshall’s Creek roads and ideas, names and complex thoughts about an Intel Intel building and a DuPont city called Northwest Landing. Al Solaroli was my contact at Explosafe which had moved from Rexdale Ontario to Rome Italy where Patrizio Fedi became my new R&D contact. Solarex was eventually bought as BP Solar when I wrote to Jim Hennessey at Invention Submission Corporation in 1993. Inter Prezzo which means “Safe Charge” in Italian, is the government credit card company that I discussed with Patrizio. I then lived at Lone Oaks in Tillicum Washington where I would hold a dinner for James Home who was involved in building the Fort Lewis Golf Course and the Home Golf Course in DuPont. You would be interested to know that it is on Hoffman Hill Road and Marshall’s Creek also is considered Huffman Hill as a road. Mrs Huffman almost failed me for English class my senior year at East Stroudsburg High School where I also had deep margins in math grades, as well as the best grade ever for me from school being from Miss Tchaikovsky in Spanish. I have only one B to enforce my claim that I have worked harder than other WGU students towards my degree. I have designed the fastest growing city in Washington since approximately 1993 here based on other works that I designed in this state like a new Madigan Army Medical Center draft based on my nephew Brandon Thomas Beaulieu being born there. I was in Pennsylvania all of 1985, so Brandon from my sister Carmella is not mine, but I did have a call back to name him from his father Kieth in July 1986. The name meant Our Mountains had to be able to be spelled in his name in my mind was how I felt about my present job at Outdoor World where I was a Telemarketer after changing my middle name to Underwood from a nearby road not shown on Yahoo Maps in Monroe Lake in Marshall’s Creek Pennsylvania. It was also the author Harold Underwood Faulkner’s middle name. He wrote American Economic History copyrighted 1943. For Example John Underwood Smothergill spells Outdoor World with its letters. Outdoor World was an investment in camping resorts for my fellow alter boy and pal who became the corporation’s first President Walter “Peter” Ahnert. There was no fishing on the survey slips. This failure was compounded by a precursor of my twin brother’s murder on January 1, 1986. Thomas Clifford Smothergill’s name spelled Microsoft, and I had a drawing of Monroe Lakeshores since February 1975; like the time when Microsoft now near here in Tacoma was incorporated. I also drew something for Solarex that I had when I was coming home from the Air Force in 1981. I was in Texas in 1984 and my father was rather cold for such a small and hot trailer, and I went to Corpus Christi and stood on a box like the one discovered washed up on a Florida beach lately dripping with oil. My mentors know of the story that I have connected to Bates Technical College and my father and my employer Bill Bates in Texas. I have read that the vertical form of marketing is more sought than the Horizontal form of marketing in the Contemporary Marketing Book by Boone and Kurtz copyrighted 2006 shown in Chapters 13 and 11. I complained to my mentor Rick Abshier at WGU about this move by BP on 630 Solarex Court in Fredrick Maryland when they sold the electricity from the sun into solar panel production assembly building to the local paper there. The Western Governors Association complained against drilling in the Western States around that time too.

This Home Golf Course has Fastback Missiles, a type of missile designed into the bunkers since I knew about bunkers from working at Mountain Manor Golf Course Inn and Country Club where my mother also worked in 1988 and 1989. I have now designed a 2160 home map for Monroe Lake, and sent it to Mickey Roth there where it has been received, and discussed in its entirety. But it is too cold in Pennsylvania for me. I need my degree to get that job at the Intel Intel building. You see in coming to Washington I had a child with Susan Lay named Brittanny Cordinella Smothergill in 1997 and the building has the Intel logo sign on each side of it. If you look closely Intel is spelled twice by this name. Back at Outdoor World, there were two copies of Circle M Ranch aerial blueprints from Lancaster Pennsylvania on the boardroom wall in Bushkill Pennsylvania near Marshall’s Creek. Also found in the spelling of this name are the words “nice state” and “eighty centillion dollars”. I must net this job at Intel to take care of my other daughter by Lisa Lay who is Carrie Carol Tucker after her Grandmother Carol Naomi Tucker maiden name Weaver and Grandfather Tom Tucker both now deceased. The love child was the most concurrently wished for by Lisa who I told that she must hold up her legs to get. Being brought up Catholic, as far as I know its all because of the word filial penned into my Hammond atlas that I participated in this Mormon practice. Lisa attended a rehabilitation center named Circle M Ranch in Eastern Washington and in just two months gets her license back.

As a divorced single parent with no children in my household at this time, I see Michelle Brenda Lea Marquis whose mother is from DuPont. A Marquis is a second class of people ranking below the Duke and above the Earl in Great Britain and France. The most interesting things that I found out about Brenda is that her mother Francis has the same birthdate as my mother is possibly born, May 18, 1923; whereas my mother may be born May 18, 1934 , also since we don’t know that exactly because she was left on the doorstep of an orphanage at about three days of age. I also found her mother’s maiden name of Gunter interesting and I applied the definition, a sixty six foot surveyors chain to my drawings for Monroe Lake. I have also been drawing Remembrance Capital at Bates Technical College for Rice Washington where Eddy Lay lives now. He was in an accident in White Horse Washington where the Lay and Tucker families lived and was crippled before I came to Washington. Rice Washington is where I had aspired that the State of Nice would be in Eastern Washington. Nice is a city in France that Cesar sent messengers to build for the upcoming of God’s presence on Earth. I also have incorporated Preorbital Star Scrapers Prestige for Carrie. The Our Mountains Mutual Bonds Corporation is still in the Beaulieu name with Dennis as Underground Painting and Pressure Washing LLC. The Corporation dealt in dangerous uranium that can be found spelled in Our Mountains.

This past year has been difficult for me with the new loss of a molar and relearning life. You will find proof of the extraction within a week following this e-mail. If your educational platform can still afford me a degree so that I can pursue a career at Intel and others, and you don’t mind how long it takes for me to prove your math tests and complete any new curriculum, mostly I would appreciate it, but so would others I am very sure. The twenty ninth of July retires the Bates summer quarter, so I would like to apply for August 1st, 2010. SAP was very difficult for me before, but your school will likely be proud enough of me this time to graduate me! Thanks!


/John Egidio Smothergill/

Hopeful WGU Student Applying for Readmission and Financial Aid





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